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The Chief of Chaplains was Admiral Daelin Proudmoore 's lieutenant in Warcraft III:The Frozen Throne. He
Chief of Chaplains
joined Proudmoore's invasion of Durotar to help him purge the all of the orcs in Azeroth. The Chief was assigned to the lead chaplains during the invasion as his name implies. Due to the attacks on Durotar, Thrall and Rexxar led the forces of the Horde to confront Proudmoore's army. They attacked Theramore Island, the base of Proudmoore's army. It was there that the Chief of Chaplains tried to fight off the Horde but Admiral Proudmoore was slained by Rexxar. The Chief of Chaplains' fate after the attack is unknown though it is possible that he now serves under the Admiral's daughter, Jaina Proudmoore.

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