Chief Salamander is the main antagonist of Contra ReBirth. He is the leader of the Neo-Salamander Force who planned on traveling back to the year 1973 to take out the Contra force while Earth's defenses were primitive. He sets up a base in the Yucatán Peninsula in Central America and surrounds the planet with the Zelos Force. The Galactic President initially sends Lance Bean, but contact with him is lost (he actually goes undercover inside the enemies's forces in a woman disguise), so he sends Bill Rizer and Genbei Yagyu back in time to stop Chief Salamander's plan.

With the help of the robot BR-W9 and Newt Plissken, an alien who had recently joined the Contra force, the Contras successfully defeat the Neo-Salamander force, though Chief Salamander himself is nowhere to be seen. If the game is beaten on the normal or hard difficulty, an extra scene is shown after the credits where Plissken holds BR-W9 at gunpoint and reveals himself as Chief Salamander, questioning BR-W9 how they felt for sacrificing so many Contras on this mission. After a bit of discussion BR-W9 offers Plissken to join the Contras.