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Chief Chin Practicing Martial Arts

Baddest Kung Fu Movie Intros - Born Invincible03:16

Baddest Kung Fu Movie Intros - Born Invincible

Chief Chin is the main antagonist of the 1978 Taiwanese Martial arts film Born Invincible. He was portrayed by Carter Wong Ka tat. 


Chief Chin was trained from a very early age to be a master of T'ai Chi, a martial art that allows someone to to gain superhuman strength and durability. Thiw was doen through manipulation of chi, focusing all of one's energy in one point of the body. The cost of this, however, is that he would become white haired, high voiced, and very volatile in personality.

Despite, or mayhap because of these personal shortcomings, Chin became the co-leader of a martial arts school, known as the Chin Yin Chi school, along with his partner Chin Pa.

Born Invincible

The film begins with two students from the Chin Yin Chi school attacking a helpless old man. Wen another martial arts school, led by Ming Tu, calls out Chin and his clan on their crimes, Chin takes it as a personal insult. Chin Than challenges the top student of the Ming Tu school, and easily defeats him. AFter he was defeated, Ming Tu himself challenges Chief Chin to a duel. WHile He gave a decent fight, Ming Tu would ultimately be unable to break Chin's armor, and be killed in the duel.

Chin than ordered many attacks on Ming Tu's school and the old man, killing many students as well as losing many of his own men. No matter how much the students of the Ming Tu school would train, none could best Chin in combat. One student, however, realized taht in times of emotional stress, Chin would return his weak point to the same spot.