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"It's Bielu!" - one of the peasants screaming in fear, seeing Bielu approaching the town.

Chief Bielu is one of main bosses of Sacred 2 video game, and one of the most trusted servants of Kreshch.


Bielu was once a human, but after he got into a conflict with a local witch that turned him into a stone golem. Obviously, other people turned away from him and considered him a monster. One day, Bielu wandered around desert, and found castle of lord Kreshch. He, seeing the misery of Bielu, made him a member of the Castle Guards. Bielu (being a skilled knight in his life before transformation) soon became the captain of Guards, thus earning his nickname "The Chief". When player character encounters Kreshch and during a series of accidents which makes him think that the player is a danger to him, he decides to kill him. He sends out his forces to storm the Silver Creek village, in which the player is currently in at this point of the game. Bielu gets killed by the player, and crumbles into dust.


Bielu, unlike many other servants of Kreshch never spent his time on fun and pleasures in the Castle, training his combat skills instead.

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