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Chet Walters (Thir13en Ghosts)

A mug shot of Chet Walters, murderer of Susan LeGrow (The Bound Woman).

Chet Walters
was a high school football team captain, and the murderer of the young selfish heart breaker named Susan LeGrow, the young woman who would forever become the Bound Woman.


Chet was the team captain of his high school football team, and one of the many boyfriends whom Susan LeGrow dated only to later cheat on with another.

On the night of the school prom, Chet found Susan cheating on him with another man, driving Chet insane. He clubbed the man to death and strangled Susan to death with his school tie, before burying her body under the 20-yard line of the school football field.

Chet was eventually caught after Susan's buried body was found two weeks later. He was arrested and sentenced to death, his last words being "the bitch broke my heart, so I broke her neck." .


  • Cyrus Kriticos stated that due to Chet's psychotic reaction to Susan's affair, he wanted to include Chet's ghost as one of the ghosts used to power the Basileus Machine. Sadly for Cyrus, there was no place for Chet in The Black Zodiac.