Chestnut is a small, blue, little creature with purple shoes, a beard, and horns and a villain in the cartoon series Chowder.

He is the smallest person of all Marzipan City (not as small like Chowder). Chestnut has a squareish-circle body. One must be careful when they misplace their belongings because when this guy finds it, it's his forever and he wouldn't give up. F or example, Chestnut makes use of common and sometimes uncommon items as furniture for his "pad," such as Mung Daal as a dining room table, a stop sign as a living room sofa, Chowder's hat as a vacation home, and a breifcase as a hydrofoil. He is first seen sitting in a puddle in The Heavy Sleeper reciting poetry about himself, such as this short strip:


He is also the teacher in the class giving the B.L.T.s. In this episode, he also exhibits large strength despite his small size. He is also known for incorrectly naming inanimate objects. In "The B.L.T.'s", he calls pencils refrigerators, but seems to know what they are for. This was contradicted in The Heavy Sleeper when he called Mung Daal a dining room table and a stop sign he used to attack Shnitzel a living room sofa. In retrospect, Mung probably would have been better as a living room sofa and the stop sign would have been better as a dining room table.


  • He mistakes most stuff (including Mung Daal as a dining table and Chowder's hat as a vacation home) to use for furniture.
  • Chestnut can sometimes be seen as an antagonist, such as in "Hands on a Big Mixer," when he won the mixer instead of Chowder.
  • Chestnut always refers himself in the third person, an example being, "Chestnut's gonna gives ya' the beatins' of a lifetime," as opposed to " I'm gonna gives ya' the beatins' of a lifetime.".