Chester V's Holograms are the secondary antagonists of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. They have the same appearance as their boss, Chester V, and they also have the same actor.


They have the same appearance as their boss: square-shaped glasses, orange vest, and black pants. They also have the same personality as their boss, and help him with his goals. They can also run errands and go places where the real Chester couldn't go. Fortunately, the holograms were destroyed by the end of the film when Flint releases his "Party-in-a-Box" invention, which erased all of them permanently.


One of Chester's holograms appears at the beginning of the film straight after the end of the first film. The hologram invites Flint and his friends to work at LiveCorp, which is actually EvilCorp which is revealed as the film progresses. They decide to do so, and the hologram then talks to Chester V about their real plan.

Later, several holograms appear in a log cabin in Evil Corp, where the real Chester is hidden. Several holograms of himself are seen doing many different things, like guitar strings and weights.

Near the end of the film, several of Chester's holograms appear and abuse Flint, but he is then able to use his "Party-in-a-Box" invention to destroy all of the holograms and reveal the real Chester, who is eaten alive shortly after the holograms's demise.



  • They are Chester V's henchmen, but because they're holograms, they cannot be touched.
  • They are sometimes thought to be the tertiary antagonists in the film; obviously, this is false, as they look the same as the real Chester and are his second-in-command.