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Chester Creb is a villain in American Horror Story: Freak Show. He suffers from split-personality disorder, in which he thinks his doll is alive.

He is portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris, and his doll counterpart is portrayed by Jamie Brewer.



Chester has a metal plate inside his head from the war. After coming home and seeing his wife in bed with another woman, he develops a mental illness to where he thinks his doll, Majorie, is alive, and can only maintain an erection while the doll is in his presence. Eventually, his wife's lover, Alice, hides the doll from him, whereas his doll counterpart brutally murders the two women with a hammer.


Chester is a chameleon salesman/amateur magician that wishes to work for the Freak Show. He ends up buying the Freak Show from Elsa Mars. He also becomes the lover of Siamese twins, Bette and Dot Tattler. At one point, Dandy Mott steals Marjorie, and convinces Chester that she ran away and was going to tell the law about his murders. He tells Chester that she is in the big tent in the Freak Show, where "Marjorie" tells him to saw Bette & Dot in half.

He later kills Maggie Emserelda instead. Majorie then threatens to leave, to which he then murders her in his mind. He gives the doll to the police and begs for the electric chair, while still covered in Maggie's blood.

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