Cheshire pandora hearts


Everything that made you sad, everything that hurt you, Cheshire will destroy them!
~ Cheshire about Will of the Abyss.

Cheshire, a Chain, is a character in the Japanese Anime and Manga, Pandora Hearts. He is not entirely a villain, nor a true hero. He loved Alice, yet attempts to kill her multiple times; but only to avoid seeing her in more pain from her memories.It's soon revealed that it's the white Alice he's loved and the memories he's trying to protect.


Cheshire was the pet cat of Alice 100 years ago; he was killed and had his eyes gouged out by Vincent Nightray, who acted out of hatred for Alice. Cheshire was given Break's left eye, his soul being taken to the Abyss when he died as a cat. The Will of The Abyss was Alice, so she gave Cheshire the form similiar to a human being, allowing him to be her servant. Kevin later entered The Will. When Albus was killed by The Will, she and Cheshire danced in his falling blood. Later deciding that Kevin went there for a reason, and that reason was to allow Cheshire to see again, Kevin's left eye was cut out later to be given to Cheshire.

In the Cheshire's Demension Arc, Cheshire kidnaps Alice and Break to seperate them so he could kill Alice as well as protect her from regaining the painful memories that he had in his possesion. Oz and Gil come, so Cheshire confronts them, but Eques takes over the battle for a while. Cheshire leaves Eques and attacks Oz and Gil once again, wounding Gil. Oz was then left with Cheshire alone.

Eventually, towards the end, Break slices through Cheshire's head, and Cheshire fades into the demension. Break then retrives Cheshire's collar bell, which contained Alice's memories and the truth of 100 years ago.He reappears to foild Oswald's plans.


Cheshire shows love and companionship throught out the manga and anime towards Alice, even up to the point where he would kill her or at attempt to kill her in order to prevent her from finding painful memories, Cheshire's death causing Alice great pain.Specially the White Alice aka the Will of Abyss he was fond of not the Black Alice. 


  • Cheshire doesn't require a Contractor to leave the Abyss.
  • Interdimensional Travel
  • Teleportation
  • Regeneration
  • Enhanced speed, strength and endurance.