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You're Not My Supervisor!
~ Cheryl/Carol Tunt

Cheryl Tunt (also known as Carol Tunt) is an employee at I.S.I.S. (International Secret Intelligence Service) along with Sterling Archer, Malory Archer, Pam Poovey, Ray Gillette, Dr.Krieger, Lana Kane, and Cyrill Figgis. She is very mentally unstable and appears to be a sadist, as she laughs at other people's anguish.

Villainous Acts

  • In the episode "Fugue and Riffs" she laughs sadistically at the dead bodies of the KGB agents Archer killed.
  • In "Movie Star" she says that in college she was stalking a quarterback named Dick Sledge in her sophomore year (who had been ignoring her). She had gone so far as to break her own arm and ask him to sign her cast as a conversation starter (he wouldn't do it). She broke into his apartment to find out what he liked and "roll around in his clothes," but he came home and surprised her. She then stabbed his throwing hand with a pair of scissors, severing his tendon and ending his football career. Because of this incident she is now familiar with police procedures regarding mentally ill suspects and has used this to her advantage.
  • In "Vicious Coupling" she locks Lana and Malory in the building's vault, under the intruction of Sterling, forcing them to crawl through the vents past Krieger's nerve gas bombs.
  • She has threatened, and attempted, to burn down the I.S.I.S. HQ multiple times. This has lead her co-workers to be more untrusting with her, as seen in "Deadly Velvet Pt. I" when Cyril asks Malory why Carol can't stay at the base, and Malory responds "Because WE'VE already had one fire."
  • In "Drastic Voyage Pt II" she stabbed Ray in the leg with knitting needles (causing him to contract sepsis) for telling her to shut up.
  • In "Crossing Over" she traded case sensitive information to a rogue agent in exchange for choke-sex, which resulted in the murder of Nikolai Jakov.
  • In "Sea Tunt Pt I" she hijacked the aircraft she and her co-workers were in, and attempted to crash it into the ocean.
  • She has hinted twice that she may have murdered someone with a pair of scissors.
  • In season 5 she helps the former ISIS workers sell cocaine, effectively making them incompetent drug dealers.
  • In "El Secuestro" she and Pam are attacked by kidnappers (who intend to hold Carol for ransom because she is rich), and out of fear, she leads them to believe Pam is her, causing Pam to be kidnapped and tortured.
  • In "Killing Utne" she helps get rid of Utne's body and laughs about "the dead people [they] set on fire."
  • In "Double Indecency" she intentionally withholds information about a case to "see what happens," which results in a bar fight that gets them all arrested.
  • In "Reignition Sequence," Archer and Lana begin dating again, and Cheryl, along rest of the ISIS group, grow disgusted and jealous with their happiness. They hire Katya to seduce Archer, but he broke her off, and she left his apartment, leaving her robo-vagina in the sink for Lana to find.
  • In "Drastic Voyage (Both Parts)" she does things that slows down the mission, knowing time was not on their side, and several people's lives were on the line. This caused three people to be killed, and all ISIS employees lost their jobs. However, Cheryl was not the only character responsible for this.
  • She has tricked Cyril into cheating on Lana with her, just to be cruel, and used this to blackmail him.
  • In "Bloody Ferlin" she unnecessarily burns Janelle with a fire poker.
  • In the aforementioned episode, she pretends to have been kidnapped by Janelle and Randy to avoid being arrested with them.
  • When she was a child, she burned a gazebo to the ground with gasoline and said "Take That, Gazebo!"
  • In "Drastic Voyage Pt I" She says that her dream is to start an orphanage, fill it with unprivileged children and loyal employees..... and bulldoze it to the ground.
  • In "Archer Dreamland: Jane Doe" she bludgeons a police officer with a wrench because he tried to stop Archer's escape from prison.


  • She has shown great skill using butterfly knives.
  • She has a strong dislike of babies, even becoming obsessive about cleaning when in proximity of one.
  • She has a number of extreme fetishes including coulrophilia, pyrophilia, asphyxiaphilia, necrophilia, and hemophilia.
  • She is voiced by Judy Greer.
  • She is addicted to rubber cement.
  • She has said twice that she doesn't remember what her name is.
  • She has a pet ocelot named Babou.
  • She has a strong dislike for people with physical deformities (blindness, dwarfism, and amputations).
  • She had heightened awareness as she can hear the show's soundtrack.