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Feel that pullin' you down? That's the yeast, baby. It's like quicksand. Say goodbye.

Cherry is a villainess in the 2006 comedy movie Beerfest.

She was portrayed by Mo'Nique.

Cherry poses as caretaker for Jan and Todd Wolfhouse's Great Gam-Gam, but is secretly a spy sent from Germany to retrieve a beer recipe. She rapes their friend Barry while he's extremely intoxicated one night and later drowns their other friend Landfill in a giant vat of beer when he discovers that she's a spy.

During the final showdown against the Germans at the end of the movies, Cherry causes the USA team to lose an important drinking event by taunting Landfill's twin Gil about murdering his brother. She also reveals that she stole the recipe, but it turns out that it's a recipe for a different beer. For her failure, Cherry is executed.