Chen Black Lagoon

Chen, as he appears in the anime.

I'm telling you! You won't get any second chances Dutch!
~ Chen, as he warns Dutch about not working with him.

Chen (or Chin as pronounced in Chinese) is one of the minor characters of Black Lagoon. He was voiced by Suetsu Tokaichi in the Japanese anime and Louis Chirillo in the English dub.

Chen was a minor crime boss in Roanapur. He is not connected to Mr. Chang, despite his nationality being Chinese. He was jealous of Balalaika, due to her being successful while his business went down the tubes.

One day, Chen had a conversation with Dutch. He tried to persuade him to join and contract with him instead of Balalaika. However, Dutch had little faith in the latter's integrity, and gave him the cold shoulder, so Chen orders Luak and his men to kill The Lagoon Company.

Later on, the Lagoon Company receives a job from an annoymous man. They headed towards the location, only to be ambushed by Luak and his squadron of boats. However, Dutch managed to dodge the machine gun shots, causing two boats to destroy each other in a friendly-fire crossfire. Next, Revy single-handedly kills all the crew of the remaining four boats, Luak's boat being the last.

When Chen found out that his plans had failed, he tried to flee the island, only to the confronted by Balalaika and her men. As it turns out, the job given was a hoax, and the annoymous man is none other than Chen himself. They beat him up for awhile, before tying him up in his apartment to be killed with a bomb.