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Chemo is a DC comics supervillain who first appeared in Showcase #39 (August 1962).



Dr. Ramsey Norton. Chemo's creator.

Professor Ramsey Norton hoped to solve the world's ills through his research. He dumped all the chemical compounds from his failed experiments into a giant humanoid-shaped vat he affectionately called "Chemo". The more chemicals Norton poured into Chemo, the harder he resolved to work to succeed in his goals.

However, the volatile compounds deposited in Chemo over the years began to mutate. When Norton dumped a failed plant growth serum into the mix, there was a violent biochemical reaction.

Chemo suddenly gained rudimentary sentience and increased in size. Chimo's acid breath killed Norton and the monster went on a rampage until the Metal Men intervened. Chemo has since become a constant foe of the Metal Men and Superman and has been destroyed and rebuilt on several occasions.

DC Universe Online


Chemo is part of the Legend PvP challenge at Ace Chemicals

Dumped on and responsible for the destruction of Bludhaven, the de-activation of Chemo is a core mission of the Bludhaven Alert.



Chemo in Batman: The Brave and The Bold

  • In Batman: The Brave and The Bold, when Chemo fires his blast from his mouth, you can faintly hear a Godzilla roar.

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