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Chemist is one of the antagonists in the 1983 science fiction film Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone.

He is portrayed by Hrant Alianak.

Chemist is the main henchman of Overdog, the ruler of the planet Terra XI, he is a loyal servant to him. Chemist has created some serums and other things for Overdog and is responsible for causing some mutations of people, including children. Chemist supervised the capture of Nova, Meagan, and Reena. These three women are survivors of a ship that was very damaged by an ion storm in space and their escape pod brought them to the nearest habitable planet, Terra XI. When they three women are captured by Overdog's trakers and taken by the "Vultures" to the Zone. Chemist administers pacifying drugs to the girls and prepares them for Overdog's pleasure.

Chemist, near the Fusion Tube.

When the three women are rescued by Wolff, Washington, Duster, and Jarrett. Chemist captures Niki and Overdog has her go into the "Death Maze", which Niki makes it through. Overdog has Niki taken to the "Fusion Tube", which drains people's energy from one person to another. Overdog needs the energy to recharge himself. Wolff goes to rescue NIki and Wollf causes some explosions and then comes face to face with Chemist and is stabbed by Wolff.

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