Chelsea Brown

Chelsea Brown (aka James Nielsen) is the true main protagonist villainess and the deuteragonist of the 2014 film, Top Five.

She is played by Rosario Dawson.

Chelsea Brown is a single mother and a reporter who conducts a close interview with actor/comedian Andre Allen. Unbeknownst to Andre, Chelsea followed Andre's career and wrote several scathing reviews blasting his movies, doing so under the pen name, James Nielsen. Regarding her personal life, Chelsea has an interesting sexual history, admitting to have slept with men of various races. She added "gay" to the list after she and Andre found out about her current boyfriend's preference for men.

As the interview progressed, Chelsea and Andre developed feelings for each other, but it was at a bar that Andre learned Chelsea's villainous secret: that she is James Nielsen. He learned this while looking at Chelsea's phone and seeing a text message in her inbox regarding her next "Nielsen" piece. Chelsea was apologetic after she was confronted by Andre, and continued showing her remorse at a gathering he was at later in the film. They later went to an underground comedy club, where Chelsea watched Andre perform stand-up. At the end of the film, Andre dropped Chelsea off at her home, but she leaves one of her shoes behind in Andre's car, signaling for him to return to her home for a night of intimacy.