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Chef PeePee

Full Name
Chef PeePee
No information
Super Mario Logan videos
Powers / Skills
No information
Murdering animals by cooking them.
Depending on what he's cooking
Type of Villain
Evil Cook and Chef

(bleep), what the (bleep) is wrong with you, you poked me in my eye, oh you son of a (bleep), you (bleep)-ing mushroom, what the (bleep) hell is wrong with you!!
~ Chef PeePee cussing Toad out.

Chef PeePee is a character who appears in SuperMarioLogan videos and he is known to be a chef and a murderer at the same time.

About Chef PeePee

He usually doesn't like cooking for anybody and has been in a slave contract for a decade, He disliked Bowser for being put into all the pressure and slavery and was wanting to be free. He also strongly hates his son.

Villainous Roles

  • Koopa's New Job: He kills and cooks a innocent a Koopa and made it into Turtle beans.
  • The Perfect Pizza: He cooked a mouse that looked liked Minnie in the ratatouille and killed a Toad with a knife to add mushrooms to a pizza Bowser asked for, Little did Bowser know that Chef PeePee putted microlax on bowsers pizza which makes bowser have to go poop.
  • Bowser Junior's Marcaroni: He was forced to make Macaroni by Bowser who discovered that Bowser Junior was hungry. Earlier in the video, he killed a baby penguin by cooking it in the oven.
  • Bowser Junior's Birthday Cake: He tried to kill a cat to make chinese food, but he later failed.
  • Bowser's Salad Wrap: He killed a horse and Toad by putting them in the oven.
  • Bowser Junior's Morning Cheeseburger: He wanted to cook a cheeseburger for Bowser jr but the cheese is missing third time. He see a mouse taking his cheese and wanted to kill the mouse for his next recipe but is Bowser jr who was injured in the mouse trap.
  • Bowser Junior's Happy Meal: He replaced Bowser Jr.'s Happy Meal toy with scissors and told him to run with them and throw them and the air, so he'll get injured.
  • Bowser Junior's Nerf Gun: He antagonizes Bowser Jr & Toad with a nerf gun to get revenge on them, until he acciently shot Bowser & he had a tragic ending.
  • Black Yoshi's Koolaid: He finally got his revenge on Bowser by getting him to drink a Mix of lots of monster energy drinks including Koolaid, that made him blew up to and pretty much died in outer space, just like Black Yoshi & Toad did. (Even through Bowser comes back in Bowser Junior's Easter Egg Hunt)
SML Movie Bowser Junior's Cheeseburger14:56

SML Movie Bowser Junior's Cheeseburger

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