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Chef Louis

Chef Louis is the tertiary antagonist of the Little Mermaid series. He is always trying to cook Horatio Felonius Ignacious Crustacious Sebatian (or just Sebastian for short) into a stuffed crab, as one of his specials, but always ends up failing to do so.

The Little Mermaid

Chef Louis loves his job to an unhealthy obsession. He sings "Les Poissons" to sing about how he chops sea animals and makes them into edible meals. A live crab named Sebastian overhears the song and when he sees Chef Louis cooking sea animals he literally vomits.

When Louis found Sebastian walking alive, he thinks he missed an ingredient in his cooking, puts him in the sauce and then flour on him and tosses him into the boiling pot of hot water, but Sebastian barely escapes, wearing the flour off. Louis then asks what is with the crab, and Sebastian immediately pinches him on the nose. The angry chef then attacks Sebastian and tries to catch him, but ends up destroying parts of his kitchen in the process. He ends up getting scolded by Carlotta.

In the ending Chef Louis sees that Sebastian has found his way to the wedding cake for Ariel & Eric. He does not hesitate to chase Sebastian. After shooting chops at Sebastian with a knife, Sebastian lures Louis into position and chops a rope; a wooden mast comes flying down and smashes Louis' face. Louis loses his teeth and faints K-Oed. 


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