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Chef Gourmand is a another archenemy of the Kratt Brothers and one of the main antagonists from the TV series Wild Kratts. He is a gourmet chef who always uses endangered animals for his dishes. In "Stuck on Sharks", he is sent out on his speedboat aimlessly in a cage. In "Raptor Roundup", he gets taken to Antarctica. In "Platypus Cafe", he floats away in a trash can on a river. He usually gets stuck in an out of the way place at the end. In "Honey Seekers", it is proven that he never cooks the same dish twice. Gourmand, along with Zach, has given the Wild Kratts more trouble than others. In "Honey Seekers", he traps the Kratts in a net, and left them with a date with 5,000 killer bees and stingers, (Aviva saves them) he kidnaps Chris in "Platypus Cafe", bounds him and threatened him by saying he was the sidedish. In "Raptor Roundup", he catches the Kratts in a mistnet, you get the picture. Gourmand also has an abnormally large nose, which he uses to catch animals and, unfortunately, the Wild Kratts.