Chef Fronk is the main antagonist in the Madeline episode "Madeline on the Orient Express," though it isn't intentional. He is just a misunderstood chef who doesn't understand what other people are asking for. What counts him as a villain is that when the Rajah asks him for a snack, he looks for a snake, which happens to belong to a snake charmer. He also gives Madeline bees and parrots (unaware that she asked for peas and carrots) one night, and a "nice, green bone" (actually, some kind of green substance over a white bone), when it was an "ice cream cone" she asked for. He picks the lock in the snake's basket, steals the snake charmer's snake, and is about to cook it for the Rajah, but Madeline uses her words to save it. After Fronk finally realizes what the Rajah actually ordered, he puts the snake down and promises to try to understand what other people are saying.