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You missed my wedding, Diana... but you'rrre still in time for the feast. You said you would come. You lied.
~ Barbara Ann Minerva

The Cheetah is the name of four villains in the DC Universe. Although the current Cheetah, Barbara Ann Minerva, is the most well known version of the character. She is the archenemy of Wonder Woman.


Priscilla Rich

The Golden Age Cheetah was socialite Priscilla Rich. Jealous of Wonder Woman (the Golden Age version, later retconned to be Wonder Woman's mother, Hippolyta)'s fame, Priscilla was driven to villainy by her second personality, the Cheetah. Donning a cheetah costume, Priscilla became Wonder Woman's archnemesis, until her retirement, and eventual death.

Deborah Domaine

The niece of the Golden Age Cheetah, Deborah was a friend of Wonder Woman, until the villainous Kobra brainwashed her into picking up her aunt's evil legacy. This version no longer exists due to the Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Barbara Ann Minerva

Much like her Golden Age predecessor, Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva was driven by envy to become a villain. A selfish, spoiled heiress, Minerva received her Cheetah powers and form from the sacrifice of her partner to an African plant god. However, because the ceremony is meant for virgins (hint-hint), her powers are half curse, half blessing. Minerva decided to challenge Wonder Woman's powers upon hearing of her arrival to Man's World in order to steal her magic lasso. Since then, the Cheetah has proven to be one of Wonder Woman's greatest enemies, as well as her arch nemesis and has shown that women can be just as bad as men.

In the Justice League, she is one of the recurring enemies in both the original series and its sequel series. Press materials names her "A feline femme fatale who is scratching for a fight."

Sebastian Ballesteros

A native to Argentina, corrupt businessman Sebastian Ballesteros was briefly the fourth Cheetah after stealing Minerva's powers, but was killed by her out of revenge.

Other Media

DC Extended Universe

Main article: Cheetah (DC Extended Universe)

The Barbara Ann Minerva version of Cheetah will appear as the main antagonist of the 2019 DC Extended Universe film, Wonder Woman 1984. She will be played by Kristen Wiig.

The Flash

Cheetah is mentioned in the third season of The Flash, being imprisoned at an A.R.G.U.S. facility.


Prisicilla Rich wore a cheetah like costume that fits her tightly, she also wears a mask as well. Deborah Domaine also wears a similar costume with minor differences.

Barbara Minerva is really the most recognizable and different than the two,rather than be in a cheetah like costume her appearance is that of a Cheetah. Her fur is almost none making her mostly nude but her body is somewhat covered with dark spots and her hair is long and red. She also has more muscles and actual claws.

Powers and Abilities

The first two Cheetahs had no superpowers, but were very agile; the third Cheetah had superhuman strength and speed, durability, retractable claws, and heightened senses.


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