Cheerleader Melissa is a female professional wrestler who has competed for numerous promotions, including TNA, where she has worked as Raisha Saeed and Alissa Flash. She is best known for time in SHIMMER Women Athletes, where she is a two-time SHIMMER Champion and currently serves as the promotion's lead villainess.


NCW Femmes Fatales

Melissa brought her evil persona from SHIMMER to the Quebec-based NCW Femmes Fatales promotion in the summer of 2013, doing so at Femmes Fatales XII in a match against Courtney Rush.

During their match, Melissa turned into a villainess and resorted to various heel tactics, even bringing in a steel chair. The match ended in a double DQ when they brawled in and out of the ring and in the backstage arena. A rematch was supposed to take place at FFXIII, but Courtney suffered a shoulder injury and was sidelined for months.

She did get involved and caused Melissa and Mercedes Martinez (the reigning NCW Femmes Fatales Champion at the time) to lose to Sweet Cherrie and LuFisto. Melissa and Courtney faced each other in a 30 Minute Iron Woman #1 Contender's Match at FFXIV on April 2014, but the match ended in a 1-1 tie. Both women and LuFisto vied for Mercedes' title at FFXV, with Courtney winning to become the new champion. Melissa was defeated by Courtney in a title match at FF's 5th Anniversary Show in October 2014.

Lucha Underground

Melissa debuted for Lucha Underground on the March 9, 2016 episode as Mariposa, the evil sister of Marty the Moth, and attacked Sexy Star.


Melissa is mostly portrayed as a vicious and ruthless villain in her matches, and she displays an immense amount of arrogance as well. She carries these traits not only as Cheerleader Melissa, but also as Alissa Flash. As Raisha Saeed, she is portrayed as a mysterious, devious, and cunning woman.