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Cheelee in the game

Hubrid Nox in the disguise of Cheelee the Cybunny

Cheelee is a male Cybunny with red glowing eyes with the vampire's teeth and an antagonist who appeared in the game Magax: Destroyer, this is disguised by Hubrid Nox to get Magax to let his guard down in Magax Neopia's Article.


Hubrid Nox has taken the form of a lost Cybunny called Cheelee, Magax brings him unaware that Cheelee is actually Hubrid Nox who was back for revenge against Magax, the player who controls Magax must defeat Hubrid Nox in his demonic Cybunny form and his ghost minions including fire-breathing ghosts Scorchios. Cheelee can also turn into his true form, Hubrid Nox, an evil vampire Chia who has created the ghosts for the evil purposes.


Cheelee is a male blue Cybunny with red eyes that will glow and has the vampire teeth, he can fly and levitate just like Raven from Teen Titans series, he can be invisible if Magax shoots him 3 or 4 times if Cheelee was defeated and disappeared.

Similiar Villains

Hubrid Nox

Siren Kong

Dark Danny


Cheelee is similiar to the Siren Kong from Ice Age movies, both of them can transform themselves into their true forms if the protagonists or antagonists get too closer to them.

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