Cheddar is the main antagonist of 2016 film Keanu. He is a drug dealer who is enemy of Allentown Boys and gang leader to 17th St. Blips.

He is portrayed by rap artist Method Man.


Chedder was a ruthless and cruel drug dealer in Los Angeles whose rivalry against Oil and Smoke Dresden, a pair of assassins known as the Allentown Boys who just killed King Diaz and his gang-only witness was Diaz's cat Iglesias who escaped and find sheler at Rell 's house. Rell who despised after his girlfriend break up with him, find the kitten and decided to take him as a pet and renamed him as Keanu after Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves. but not long Chedder sent thugs to raided Rell's house and kidnapped Keanu which Cheeder renamed him as New Jack. meanwhile detmineted Kenau back Rell and his cousin Clarence met Chedder's gang memeber Hi-C but unknown to Chedder that Hi-C is actually an undercover cop named Trina Parker.