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Chaz is a corrupt cop, a character in American Dad and the main antagonist in the episode Cops and Roger. He is first seen looking at Roger when Roger is answering a question the teacher asks the whole class, Roger answers right and while everyone was cheering for him, he smirked. He is also seen Roger doing an obstacle coarse while smoking a cigarette and seen in a shooting range with Roger smoking a cigarette again (either a new one or old one). He starts working with Roger, making him a corrupt cop too.


Chaz captures Stan and orders Roger to kill him, but Roger goes against him and tries to turn the tables, but Chaz was ready and shoots Roger. Roger climbs up chain and Chaz prepares to shoot him again, but Roger lets go of the chain and kills Chaz by slamming his left elbow on his head, destroying it. At the end of the episode, he asks Stan if Chaz is going to be okay, but Stan replies "No", after giving a face because Roger doesn't remember that Chaz is dead.


  • His death appears on one of Roger's flashbacks in the episode "Naked to the Limit, One More Time".

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