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Chasity Clare "C.C." Babcock is the main antagonist in the television sitcom The Nanny.

She was portrayed by Lauren Lane.

C.C. Babcock is a rich businesswoman who was considered an arch-rival to Fran Fine and Niles. She had a crush on Maxwell and considered Fran a competition for his affections. She wants to become his wife, but doesn't know his three children's' (Margaret "Maggie," Brighton, or Gracie's) names. She is portrayed by Lauren Lane and first appeared in Pilot Part I (episode 1.01) and last appeared in The Finale: Pt. II (episode 6.22).  When Maxwell proposed to Fran, she was noticeably overweight because in real-life, Lauren Lane was pregnant and she (C.C.) was confirmed pregnant in The Finale.

As mean as she is, it's revealed in one episode that Maxwell cannot run his businees without her.

She once hurt Gracie's feelings when she made a comment on Fran.

She had a pet dog from Maxwell (that hates her and loves Fran) she wanted to put to sleep (euthanized).

She is most likely the most harsh character on the show being cruel and immediately jealous.