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A teenage girl that was unwilling turned into, a vampire, she was trained as an assassin after a vampire elder discovered she was undectectable by other vampires.


Chastity Marks was your average American teenager living in Toledo Ohio in the 70's. Marks was the daughter of a angry abusive father. When she turned seventeen she ranaway to London to become an actress but instead involved with a punk rock band and began dating the lead singer.

One night at a concert Chastity Marks was sent to get drumsticks from the van in an alleyway and runs into a fat old vampire named Farley. He attacks her and Chastity escapes by stabing him in the eye with a drumstick... but she didn't get away with her life.

When she awakes Chastity finds her self as a guset of a vampire named Countess. The Countess explains what happened to her and how she undectectable by other vampires. Countess trains her to become an assassin, after her training Chastity hunted down Farley the vampire that attacked and killed him.


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