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Good boy, so trusting.
~ Chase Linh revealing her true nature

Chase Linh is the main antagonist in the 2008 video game Need for Speed: Undercover. While the player thinks that she is an ally, she is actually a corrupt police officer working for Chau Wu, her boss. When the player returns Chau Wu's BMW M6 to him, she kills Chau Wu and his henchman and flees. She blames the player, framing him for murdering Chau Wu. The player and Lieutenant Jack Keller chase after her. As the two engage in a takedown event, Chase taunts the player and says insulting and derogatory things to him such as he's a "small time cop and he'll go down like a small time cop" and "once she's gone they'll take him out", etc. and eventually the player totals her ride. She tries to murder the player and tells him she'll be back for revenge but gets arrested for life by the Tri-City Bay Police Department. The player is then considered a hero and is asked to drive Carmen Mendez to the university.