Ocean Hunter Charybdis

Charybdis (Melanocetus) is a giant anglerfish who was notorious for raiding submarines across the deep sea and attempting to threaten the ships out at sea. She is a black sea devil (as the name Melanocetus suggests) who is notorious for creating wreckage across the deep sea.

She is the third boss of The Ocean Hunter and is created by Rahab.


Charybdis Poster

This giant fish was notorious for creating submarine destruction across the deep sea and known for killing some divers who escaped submarines. If one was able to capture this giant fish, one would receive 10,000 G.


This giant fish is encountered after killing the two purple eels near the stalactites in the deep sea. After killing the two, a light will be shown in the distance. The light reveals to be an anglerfish who is attacking the players.

When the battle starts, Charybdis will release deep sea fish that attack the players. The mouth must be shot in order to deal damage. Aside from shooting the mouth, the player must also kill the minions summoned by the boss.

The second part during the battle is when the giant fish is trying to do a surprise attack. You must focus on the light by shooting to prevent damage from happening. After dealing enough damage, the third part will show Charybdis trying to suck the players in.

To deal damage, the light must be shot. This is not easy, as you must shoot the lure to deal damage. Failure to do so could result in the giant fish biting the player. The lure must be shot at least three times.


  • She is named after the Greek monster of the same name.

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