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Charmcaster is one of the villains in the Ben 10 series, and the niece and apprentice of Hex and a nemesis of Gwen. Like her paternal uncle, she depends on magic to fight. Though like most villains, she despises Ben, but her hatred is mostly turned towards Gwen for their shared affinity in magic, mirroring Ben's and Kevin's rivalry in the original series. Charmcaster played a key role in the series, as it was by stealing her spell book Gwen learnt to use her own magical powers.


Alien Force

In "Time Heals", in the alternate future, Charmcaster rules the Earth with Hex, and with Kevin as her henchman.

Ultimate Alien

In "Hit 'Em Where They Live", Charmcaster joins forces with Zombozo and Vulkanus in order to go after Ben's family. In the end, Kevin manages to defeat her.


In the original series, Charmcaster wears a magenta coat with purple at the ends, underneath she wears purple pants with black straps around them. She wore and still wears her Magical Charm Bag around her waist which is the main tool for her battles.

In Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Charmcaster now wears a purple dress with a pink ribbon around her waist and a black crown on her head, in addition to that she wears black gloves. At the top of her dress, she has a cerise pink gem with a golden border, and she also wears tight black leggings with black shoes. In the original series, Charmcaster wore her silver hair in a low ponytail, with two strands of hair out and lavender and light pink eyes, along with light purple lipstick. In Ben 10: Alien Force and Ben 10: Ultimate Alien she wears her silver hair laid out that extends to her thighs, orchid eyes, and dark purple/black lipstick. She looks slightly thinner, much taller, and her ears are a lot pointier.

In Omniverse, her appearance is a combination of elements from both previous ones: the ponytail, purple eyes, normal ears and pink coat from the former, and the black lipstick, gloves, leggings, shoes, pink gem, and shirt emblem from the latter.

Powers and Abilities

  • Magic: Charmcaster is a skilled which, but she not as powerful as her uncle Hex.
    • Divine, Dark, Pure Magic: Being a witch, Charmcaster is skillful with kinds of magic such as dark magic, mysticism, and magic books.
    • Spell Casting: Charmcaster can cast various spells from her spellbook.
    • Mana Manipulation: Charmcaster can manipulate Mana energy for blasts, shields, and other various needs.
    • Levitation: Similar to Hex, Charmcaster can use magic to lift herself into the air.
    • Telekinesis: Charmcaster can manipulate objects using magic.
    • Mind Control: Charmcaster can mind control others by using a amulet.
    • Elemental Control: Charmcaster can use magic to control the elements such as water and plant-like.
    • Shape-Shifting: Charmcaster can alter her appearance using magic.
    • Animation: Charmcaster can bring inanimate objects to life.
    • Transmogrification: Charmcaster can alter her staff into a snake and turn beings into totems.
    • Summoning: Charmcaster can use magic to summon and control Rock Creatures.
    • Teleportation: Similar to Hex, Charmcaster can use magic to teleport to another location.
    • Portal Creation: Charmcaster can use magic to open portals to any location by using magic.
    • Reanimation: Charmcaster can use magic to animate dead animals such as small octopuses.
    • Energy Beam Emission: Charmcaster can fire powerful energy beams from her hands.
    • Magic Drain: Charmcaster can use magic drain a another being's magic.
    • Aura Reading:
    • Lighting Bolt Projection: Charmcaster can project lighting bolts from Hex's Staff.
    • Firework Projection: Charmcaster can project fireworks using magic.
    • Body Switching: Using a spell called "Transfera Identica", Charmcaster can trap someone in a energy bubble and then swap bodies, but she will need a potion in order to make the spell.
    • Dragon Transformation: Charmcaster is able to use magic to transform into a dragon.
    • Staff Proficiency:
    • Child Prodigy:
    • Enhanced Strength:


Ben 10

  • "Tough Luck"
  • "A Change of Face"
  • "Don't Drink the Water" (Neutral)
  • "Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 1"
  • "Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10: Part 2"

Ben 10: Alien Force

  • "In Charm's Way"
  • "Time Heals"

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

  • "Hit 'Em Where They Live"
  • "Where the Magic Happens" (Anti-hero)
  • "The Enemy of My Frenemy"
  • "Couples Retreat" (Neutral)

Ben 10: Omniverse

  • "Mystery Incorporeal" (Neutral)
  • "Charmed, I'm Sure" (Anti-hero)
  • "Charm School"
  • "Third Time's a Charm"
  • "The Most Dangerous Game Show" (Anti-hero)


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  • Charmcaster and Hex are actually humans from an inter dimensional world (specifically Yahwahtacsip, referred to as Ledger Domain as revealed in Where the Magic Happens), thus explaining their immense magical powers and abilities. Her father was Spellbinder, an incredibly strong and powerful magician who was ruthlessly murdered while opposing the destructive Adwaita.
  • Charmcaster is one of the few Ben 10 villains whose character alignment is prone to changing from show to show or from episode to episode. Sometimes she is a villain, other times an anti-hero, and sometimes a completely neutral party.
  • According to Duncan Rouleau of Man of Action, both Kevin and Charmcaster were created specifically to be foils for Ben and Gwen, to reflect more personal conflicts within them based around their youth, and who would gradually shift from villains to anti-heroes. If Gwen had received a spin-off series, then Charmcaster would have joined her side just as Kevin joined Ben's.

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