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Charlotte Cavanaugh is a minor villain on the WB/CW television series Smallville, appearing in the Season 10 episode "Harvest."


Lois Lane and Clark Kent were on their way to the Cherry Blossom Festival until their car got two flat tires. Charlotte arrived and was thankful they were unharmed. She then informed the couple that Meeker Springs had a mechanic; while Clark left to fetch him, Charlotte took Lois to her home.

At dinner, Lois wanted to leave; however, Charlotte didn't want her since she and her father, Joseph, wanted to use Lois as a sacrifice. Clark was unable to resist the Blue Kryptonite that Charlotte and her father had consumed which prevented him from accessing his powers in their presence.

After Charlotte stabbed and buried Clark, they removed the time needed for Clark to heal. Clark returned and protected Lois from the blue kryptonite-induced flames. Since Clark survived the fire, the townspeople lost faith in Charlotte and her father. Lois warned the town to end their sacrifices or Clark will go after them before they sped away.

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