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Ugh, the bows?!
~ Charlotte, frustrated that the bows gave her away

Charlotte Boyd is a serial killer who murdered a total of three people in the Castle episode "Once upon a Crime".

She was portrayed by Meghan Markle.


In 2005, she was unintentionally responsible for the death of her friend, Owen Thomas, when she, Owen and two others were high after a fairy-tale themed fancy dress party, Charlotte hitting Owen with the car when he got out and she drove away.

When an unknown party discovered the truth about the threesome's role in Owen's death and attempted to blackmail them, Charlotte killed Amy Morgan and Kristina Curtis by injecting drugs into them to stop their hearts, dressing them in copies of the costumes they had been wearing at the party where Owen died because she was scared that they would go to the police to tell them that she killed Owen Thomas back in 2005 since she was the one with the most to lose if the truth came out. She then did the same to herself to make it look like she was also a victim and lost consciousness before Castle and Beckett found her disguised as Sleeping Beauty. 

After finding, and interrogating the blackmailer, Castle was able to deduce that Charlotte was responsible for putting Amy and Kristina in costumes because the bows on Charlotte/Sleeping Beauty's costume were vertical and the others were horizontal, which meant she tied them on herself. 

Beckett was also able to prove that she used the credit card information of an old lady named Jamie Isaacson to purchase the costumes (because she had access to the information at her desk job), as well as deducing that she had been responsible for Owen's death despite driving Amy's car as they had the receipt confirming that Charlotte had paid to repair the damage. 

As uniform officers arrived to arrest her, Charlotte was discontent that the bows were what gave her away. 


# Victim Cause of death Killer Notes
1. Owen Thomas/Prince Charming Run Over With Car Charlotte Boyd Accidental
2. Amy Morgan/Little Red Riding Hood Injected/OD'ed on Oxy and Ketamines
3. Kristina Curtis/Snow White