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Charlie Walker is the secondary antagonist of the horror movie Scream 4.

He was portrayed by Rory Culkin.


Charlie was the president of the Cinema Club while his best friend Robbie Mercer was the vice-president. Both were students at Woodsboro High School. Charlie had a secret relationship with Sidney Prescott's cousin, Jill Roberts. And would do anything for her.

Scream 4

Charlie and Jill began a fourth killing spree, seeing themselves as the remake versions of Sidney Prescott and Randy Meeks. Unlike the others killers, they are snuff filmers, filming their kills and posting on the internet. Charlie first killed Marnie along with Jill during the intro of the film, and later appeared in Olivia's room while Jill was with her cousin. He brutally stabbed Olivia in her chest and pulling her intestines out. He plans the Stab-A-Thon event, which would be the perfect party for targets; he tries to kill Gale Weathers-Riley, but fails and escapes. During the house scene, Charlie almost kisses Kirby Reed, but Trevor Sheldon interrupts and he walks way in rage; he then puts on his Ghostface costume and kills his best friend Robbie. He later tricks Kirby into "helping" him. After Kirby succeeds in Jill's test and "saves" Charlie, he pulls out a knife and stabs her in the stomach, leaving her bleeding on the ground. He makes a final appearance in the big revelation, where he appears behind Sidney and drags her away; just before she can escape, Jill appears as Ghostface and stabs her in the stomach. Jill later kills Trevor with a shot in the head while Charlie watches. Charlie is finally killed by Jill herself when she stabs him in the heart and reveals that the plan was to get him killed as Trevor's accomplice.


  1. Marnie Cooper
  2. Olivia Morris
  3. Robbie Mercer


  • It has been speculated that Charlie did not really want to kill Kirby, so he did not stab her deeply enough to kill her. 

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