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Charlie Mayweather is a supporting antagonist of the 2005 film XXX: State of the Union.

She was portrayed by Sunny Mabrey.


After his apparent death, NSA agent Gibbons has new XXX agent Darius Stone locate Charlie, who is revealed to be a woman (despite her name) attending Gibbons' funeral. Stone later crashes her lunch date with a minister to get information on the conspiracy to kill their Gibbons death and the situation on Secretary of Defense George Deckert. Charlie, an aide to her senator father, advises Stone to meet her at a gala that night.

Charlie later met up with Stone and pointed out Deckhert talking to another general. Later, Charlie helped Stone escape when Deckhert's men came after him, taking him to her home. After briefly trying to seduce him, she left him alone to change.

Stone later discovered the general's body and cops approaching the house. Stone realized that Charlie set him up and was involved in Deckert's conspiracy.

Stone later tracked Charlie, now dressed in leather combat gear, to a warship where she, Alabama Cobb, and the rest of their troops are preparing for their assault during the President's State of the Union address. He also discovered Charlie had an alive Gibbons captive. He later knocked her out, but not before she alerted the ship of his presence.

With the President as his hostage, Deckert ordered Charlie to escort Gibbons to the area he would frame the latter for the assassination. However, Stone took down her men before she could reach the rendezvous. She pulled her gun on Stone but he knocked her out again. After freeing Gibbons, Stone was held at gunpoint by Charlie again, but Gibbons shoots her down to her death before she could act.




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