Charlie the Anteater

Charlie is a supporting antagonist of Rio 2. He is a mute tamandua anteater working with Nigel and Gabi.


Charlie does not talk at all, because he has an occupation on eating ants.


He is seen in the boardwalk trying to eat some ants. As the jar of ants breaks, Charlie begins eating. After an ambush, Nigel and Gabi become part of the team to capture Blu.

Charlie is also seen on a plan to capture Blu, but he along with Gabi and Nigel have been completely foiled. He is also seen during Nigel's signature song "I Will Survive" dancing with the other animals.

During the final battle, Charlie is used by Nigel in order to kill Blu. As soon as Nigel and Gabi are rescued by the smugglers, Charlie is left alone in the jungle and is seen during the final song "Amazon Untamed."


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