White knights

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Charlie and James Tucci were a pair of violent white knights in the 1991 movie Jungle Fever. They're the brothers of Angie Tucci.

They were portrayed by David Dundara and Michael Imperioli respectively.


Though their time in the movie is brief, it's the threat they give to Paulie when dating Angie: "If you're f*cking my sister, you better not be because cause then you'll get a beating. I'm gonna give you the abortion Paulie and then you're gonna marry her. Don't even think about it. Don't even think about it."

What is a white knight you may ask. It's one of many things. Their father probably was one given that his sons are like this—it's a man from a single mother household (though they're not from single mother households) who believes in instigating violence against other men, their own gender, because they even as much as ask them out. They're not normal men. While normal men want respect when it comes to their women, these men overdo it. They don't fight only for touching or stalking women, they'll do it only for talking to them.