Charles Yamamoto

Charles Yamamoto

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You dishonored me, Chris Griffin. No one has ever eaten more hot dogs than me. Now you must die!
~ Charles Yamamoto before attacking Chris Griffin.

Charles Yamamoto is the main antagonist of the Family Guy episode "Killer Queen".

He was voiced by Robert Wu.


He is first depicted as an undefeated food-eating champion who Chris faces during a hot dog eating contest. Chris becomes the first person to beat Yamamoto, causing him to plot his demise out of envy.

Charles frees Lois' brother Patrick from the asylum to frame him for murdering his nephew Chris Griffin but ends up murdering 2 of the fat campers, who were really killed by Yamamoto and trying to kill Chris not other people. He thought first camper he killed was Chris because he was wearing a baseball cap but it looked totally different from Chris' and thought the second camper he killed was Chris was because he had blonde hair. Patrick investigates the bodies with Peter and Joe and tells the Griffins and Joe that the killer is really after Chris. 

Just as Yamamoto is about to kill Chris, Stewie appears and shows Yamamoto the "News of the World" album, causing him to die of a heart attack (a reference to the album Sheer Heart Attack featuring "Killer Queen", and song "Sheer Heart Attack" on the News of the World album) while wondering if the picture was a vision of the past or future. Police arrive at the house where Patrick points the dead Yamamoto is the man who released him, revealing the killer's plan to use Patrick as a scapegoat.