Charles Weatherly is the antagonist of the "Lost Tapes" episode "Poltergeist". While living, he murdered his wife and child and took his life afterwards. Over 20 years later, the house that his murder took place in began to exhibit strange behavior. At first, the family believes that their son, Troy, was responsible for these violent acts via telepathy, and contacts three paranormal investigators (Jeremy Reynolds, Kristy Jons and Bill "Shots" Cooper). They attempt to exhibit Troy's "powers" by making a pen move, which only reacts when Troy gets angry. However, after viewing recorded footage of his stuffed toy being replaced with a butcher's knife, they determine that something, or someone, else is behind these disturbing activities.

While investigating Troy's closet, Shots discovers Charles' report in a newspaper article from 1989, and determine that he is haunting the house.

After moving the family to a relative's house, the team starts their 3 AM recording, the time that paranormal activity is usually the strongest. They hear a sinister voice saying "Leave", and Jeremy sees his reflection in a window of himself holding a knife, but he dismisses this to his peers. Suddenly, Kristy, who is paraplegic, is thrown against the wall. Upon recovering, she says "Leave!" in a sinister voice before dying shortly afterwards. Shots alerts Jeremy, who sees that Charles has written "TOO LATE" in blood on the living room mirror. Shots, who has asthma, panics and tries to leave despite Jeremy's insistence that they try to beat Charles, but he cannot find his inhaler, and dies.

Jeremy finally decides he's had enough and tries to leave, but the front door keeps locking every time he unlocks it, and hears Troy's voice coming from upstairs. He enters the room, but finds no one. The closet door slowly opens, and a voice shouting "Jeremy!" alerts him, who along with his camera (but not the one that recorded Troy the previous night) sees Charles holding a knife, who then stabs Jeremy to death.

After the investigators' bodies were discovered, their deaths were officially attributed to cardiac arrest. The family sells the house and move away. According to state law, they were not required to disclose why they moved.