Charles Venarius

Charles Venarius

Charles Venarius is the main antagonist in the 1981 film Enter the Ninja.

He is portrayed by Christopher George.


Venarius is a greedy businessman who intends to take the homeland of the Landers family by force, after he discovers there is plenty of oil to be had there. However, he soon comes into conflict with the Landers' friend Cole, who is a fully trained ninja, and Venarius sends his henchmen to spy on him and gain information about him. Venarius hires his own ninja to take down Cole, but after one of the Landers family members is killed, a vengeance-driven Cole infiltrates Venarius' headquarters and kills all of his men. Venarius confronts Cole and tries to persuade him to work for him instead, but Cole stubbornly refuses. When Venarius tries to shoot him, Cole ducks behind a wall before quickly hurling a throwing star into Venarius' chest. Yelling in pain, Venarius dramatically collapses on the floor and dies.

Venarius' death

Venarius dies dramatically after being hit with a throwing star