Charles Vane, with Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny.

Make no mistake about it, whatever future this place has left, I'm it.
~ Vane to Eleanor Guthrie (Nassau port ruler).

Charles Vane is the very infamous Captain of the ship "Ranger", from the TV series "Black Sails". His vicious temper and his rivalry with main character Cpt. Flint, makes this dude a man you either love or hate.

He is portrayed by Zach McGowan.


Vane ends up to be the main antagonist of the Show as, being so cruel and fierce when attacking and sacking ships, he never achieved to be so "profitable" to Nassau's port as Captain Flint is.

He is even behind the murder of some "Walrus" ship crew that were intending to vote for Flint to avoid his captaincy depose; knowing that his successor won't be such a good leader and will eventually turn Vane and his crew the brand new Nassau's rulers favorites.

Valuable crew members

Though having one of the most savage and fierce crew of all seas, there's always more faithful, skillful and valuable ones that shines among the rest. There's a couple of them that have been always by his side and made a name for themselves.

Jack Rackham: The former quartermaster and brain of the Ranger. There were no plan or decission going on that he didn't know, until he lost almost the entire funds of the Ranger trying to get a route map of The Urca de lima, an spanish Gallion that had more gold in it than the entire island. He managed to keep himself alive from the rest of the furious crew and, at the same time, support Vane with his disputes with Eleanor Guthrie, the ruler of trading of Nassau's port.

Although he showed himself as faithful as he could to Captain Vane, he couldn't avoid to be threatened by him when the captain returned with brand new crew.

Anne Bonny: Quiet, sadist, with not known origins and master of knives, this woman is one of the most feared pirates of the bay, even among her own mates. She's the lover of Jack Rakham. She was thinking of abandoning the crew when Vane was banned by Eleanor Guthrie, but eventually stayed by Vane's side, as he threatened to kill her if she left. She has a really weird mood and is by far one of the most unpredictable members of the Ranger.


  • As many other characters in the series, he's based on a real life pirate that sailed the seas, attacking English and French ships from 1716 to 1719. Vane was also known in his time for his sheer sadism and brutality, even compared to his rivals, this earned him the fear and hatred of other seafarers, which ended up bringing his demise.
  • Charles Vane and Eleanor Guthrie (The woman who controls Nassau's trading) are ex-lovers.
  • Vane is left-handed.
  • The unique mark on his entire body is the brand that his former captain gave to all of his child laborers.