Charles Rees, (also known as Reverend Rees) is the villain from the book Blackout in the Blitz by Terry Deary. He is a reverend in a small village in Wales. He isn't a completely villain, but often helps his sister Ada Pritchard, who owns a farm with her husband near the village, with her evil plans. He also sometimes says lies and favors the black market.



During World War II, Reverend Rees and his siter Mrs. Pritchard decide to take care about two children, Alf Turner and Sally Midwell, who are evacuated from Coventry, England, to Wales. While waiting for the children, the siblings are thinking about which of the children they will take. Mrs. Pritchard refuses to take Alf, as she sees boys lazy and naughty. When the children finally arrive, Alf mentions to Mrs. Pritchard the black market, as his father owns a butchery and needs fresh meat. Mrs. Pritchard quickly changes her mind about Alf, but it is too late and she has to take Sally instead.

At the vicarage, Alf has quite calm life, in contrast to Sally. When she tells him about violent duo of the Pritchards, Alf writes a letter to her parents, as Mrs. Pritchard reads all Sally's letters. However, Reverend Rees reads it and informs his sister about it, causing that Mrs. Pritchard then beats Sally violently. Reverend Rees also tells Alf that Sally is a natural-born liar, as it is written in her report card. However, Alf learns it isn't truth. Meanwhile, Alf is able to meet the Pritchards and make a deal with them for his father: two sheep and two cows for £15 which his father will take some days later.

When Reverend Rees takes Alf to the hospital, Alf meets an injured soldier there who decides to help Sally. They make a plan to help Sally escape from the farm: she will ride a glider, made by other injured soldiers from the hospital, in the night when Alf's dad will take the meat from the farm. Mrs. Pritchard suspects something and tells Reverend Rees to spy Alf.

As Alf spends much of his time in the hospital, Reverend Rees decides to find out what he is doing there. Alf pretends to read Moonfleet to the soldiers and Revered beliefs him.