Sir Charles Grover was a Member of Parliament who was given special emergency powers during the dinosaur invasion. He was in overall command of both the UNIT troops under Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and General Finch and his men. Because of his progressive, anti-pollution policies, he was greatly admired by both the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith.

Grover's disgust with polluting modern technology had taken an extreme turn, and he was behind the dinosaurs appearing in London. He was the mastermind behind Operation Golden Age, a plan to turn back time to the prehistoric era and begin human civilization anew. To this end, he hired Professor Whitaker to design and build the Timescoop, giving Whitaker a secret lab in an underground base locate beneath his office building. He recruited General Finch to his cause, as well as UNIT's Captain Mike Yates.

He also recruited a number of carefully selected people who shared his views, particularly Adam and Ruth, and told them they were being put aboard a spaceship bound for a new, Earth-like world. In truth, the "ship" was an elaborate set built in Whitaker's base. The Timescoop would cover London in a protective force field, while everything else outside was returned to the prehistoric era. Grover intended for his specially selected volunteers to emerge onto this "new world."

Grover, pretending he was on a neighboring vessel, maintained radio contact with Adam and Ruth to keep up the illusion. As far as they knew, it was several months in the future. Grover kept his true intentions concealed from them. When Sarah Jane Smith came trying to find information about Professor Whitaker, Grover captured her and placed her aboard the fake spaceship. This proved to be a mistake, as she sowed dissent among the crew, and was eventually able to convince them they weren't on a ship at all, and that Grover had tricked them.

The angry volunteers stormed the control room at the same time the Doctor arrived with the Brigadier and several UNIT troops. Adam, Ruth and their people wanted nothing to do with erasing their fellow human beings from existence, and the Brigadier was intent on arresting Grover for treason. In desperation, Grover activated the Timescoop, transporting himself and Whitaker into an unknown point in the past.