Every day and in every way, I am getting better & better.
~ Dreyfus' quote prior to going insane

Chief Inspector Charles LaRousse Dreyfus is an antagonist in Blake Edward's Pink Panther series (excluding the original and Inspector Clouseau (1968)). He's villainous for his hatred on the main character of the series, Jacques Clouseau. In the original Pink Panther Series, Dreyfus was played by the late Herbert Lom.

Although playing a more neutral/anti-heroic portrayal in the remake, Dreyfus was played by Kevin Kline, and by John Cleese in the 2009 sequel, 



A Shot in the Dark (1964)

Although he wasn't seen or mentioned in the 1963 original, Dreyfus appears as the true secondary antagonist of the movie. Holding his rank as Commissioner, Dreyfus attempts to overtake the Ballon murder case (which Clouseau has been inadvertedly assigned to). As the movie progresses, a bumbling Clouseau succeeds to solve the Ballon murder case, step by step in the most unexpected ways, as Dreyfus becomes more paranoid about Clouseau. At the climax of the film, he attempts to kill Clouseau by placing a bomb in his car as Clouseau confronts the Ballons. After it was revealed that all the Ballons, with the exception of butler Maurice and supposed murder Maria Gambrelli played a part in the murder spree. Everyone, with the exception of Maria attempts to escape in Clouseau's car—Little did they know that the bomb was going to be triggered via start of the car engine. Dreyfus then goes mad after failing to kill Clouseau has failed as he is taken away by Hercule Lajoy, Clouseau's partner.

Return of the Pink Panther (1975)

Clouseau was temporarily demoted to beat cop by his boss, Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus (Herbert Lom), who despised him to the point of obsession, but the police commissioner forced Dreyfus to reinstate him. Clouseau joyously receives the news after fending off a surprise attack from his servant Cato (Burt Kwouk), who had been ordered to keep the Inspector on his toes, and duly goes to Lugash. During the movie, an unknown attacker has been trying to murder Clouseau and the culprit turned out to be Dreyfus, who insane because of Clouseau's bumbling. Dreyfus tried to kill Clouseau again in Switzerland upon luring him into Lady Lyton's room, but he ends up saving Clouseau, Sir Charles, and Lady Lyton from a corrupt military officer. Dreyfus was sent to an insane asylum and wasn't charged due to insanity and Clouseau got his job.

The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976)

Dreyfus is the main antagonist of The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976) After the events of Return of the Pink Panther (1975), Dreyfus is placed into a mental asylum due to being crazy because of Clouseau. After released from the asylum, Dreyfus attempts to live in peace, but Clouseau arrives and humiliates him several times. Therefore, he attempts to murder him again, going too far and hiring minions to do his bidding. One major crime he committed was kidnapping Professor Fassbender, a nuclear physicist and his daughter. He forces the Professor to build a doomsday machine so Dreyfus can destroy the world until he has Clouseau dead. This includes dissolving the United Nations Headquarters and blackmailing the World Leaders into killing Clouseau, who was in Germany at the Oktoberfest. Assassins from around the world attempt to kill Clouseau, but most of them end up killing each other.

While being seduced by the Russian operative Olga, she reveals to Clouseau that Dreyfus' lair is in Bavaria, at an ancient castle. Clouseau fails miserably to infiltrate the castle. He then disguises as a doctor to arrive in the castle, whilst attempting to "heal" a toothache that Dreyfus had. Dreyfus eventually realizes the doctor is Clouseau as he runs. Dreyfus then decides to disintegrate England, but Clouseau inadvertently foils his plans and turns the doomsday machine to Dreyfus' direction, disintegrating him & the castle as everyone runs from the vanishing stronghold. 

Revenge of the Pink Panther (1978)

Dreyfus appears as the quaternary antagonist of this film. After somehow surviving being disintegrated, Dreyfus was taken back to the asylum and was supposedly cured from his mental behavior as the doctor describes him as a "changed man". After Clouseau was supposedly assassinated by the French Mafia led by Phillipe Douvier, Dreyfus regains his position as Chief Inspector. Little did he know that Clouseau was still alive, he attempts to spook Dreyfus whenever he comes in contact with him, from being dressed as the pope to inadvertedly breaking into his flat telling in the processthat he had a lead that brings him to Hong Kong later. Dreyfus, knowing that Clouseau is alive goes to Hong Kong and attempts to crack the Douvier case of Clouseau's murder. While doing so, Dreyfus sees Clouseau alive and attempts to kill him, knowing his status. A chase scene that leads them to Lee Kee Shipyards turns into a brawl in a nearby warehouse. While trying to kill Clouseau, Dreyfus accidentally lights up fireworks leading to the arrest of Douvier. Supposedly, both Clouseau and Dreyfus escaped the fireworks.

Trail of the Pink Panther (1982)

Clouseau is assigned to Lugash to find the thief of the Pink Panther diamond which has been stolen once again, despite protests from Dreyfus after what happened in Hong Kong.arrives to London to confront Sir Charles Lytton (having forgotten that he lives in Southern France). Clouseau blows up his car while arriving to the airport, thinking someone tried to assassinate him. Dreyfus foresees Libyan terrorists marking Clouseau for termination, but Dreyfus disregards this by putting this as his chance to finally kill Clouseau. By doing so, Dreyfus sends Clouseau to Lugash. However, mid-flight, Clouseau's flight disappears (this was due to the fact that Clouseau's actor, Peter Sellers suffered a heart attack and passed away).

An interviewer, Marie Jouvet confronts what was supposed to be the antagonist and the primary antagonist of this film's successor Bruno Langois. In the outcome, Marie files a complaint to Dreyfus, but he does not press charges.

Curse of The Pink Panther (1983)

Clouseau has been missing since the events of Trial of The Pink Panther, so the French government orders Dreyfus to select someone to investigate Clouseau's disappearance by programming a computer at Interpol to do so. Dreyfus makes a deal with a cyber criminal to sabotage the computer to select the opposite in exchange for an early release. The computer selects Sergeant Clifton Sleigh, an incompetent member of the NYPD.

Sleigh, who is descended from a long line of cops, sees the case as an opportunity to prove his worth. Dreyfus and his long-suffering assistant, Sergeant François Durval (André Maranne), soon find that the sabotage has worked a bit too well: while slightly more intelligent and capable, Sleigh is just as clumsy as Clouseau. When Sleigh meets Dreyfus for the first time in his office, Sleigh trips over his own feet and knocks Dreyfus into his wheeled office chair, which rolls out onto the balcony — and sends Dreyfus falling three stories into a pond below, breaking his left leg. Sleigh visits Dreyfus in the hospital to apologize, but accidentally ends up hurting Dreyfus more by falling over the hospital equipment holding Dreyfus's leg.

Later on in the movie, Dreyfus tries to kill Sleigh, but he injured himself by accident. Sleigh wrongly concludes that Clouseau stole the Pink Panther diamond, underwent plastic surgery, and changed his name to Gino Rossi. The real jewel thief's body was found washed up on shore after he was shot to death. It is believed that Clouseau was killed for the diamond. Anxious to be rid of Sleigh, Dreyfus announces that Sleigh has solved the mystery and officially closes the case, though it is clear that Dreyfus does not believe that this is what happened. Dreyfus accidentally sets fire to his office when trying to burn a photo of Gino Rossi. Sleigh runs in and attempts to put out the fire with a hose, only to accidentally hit Dreyfus with the water, the force of which pushes him onto his balcony and Dreyfus again falls three stories into the pond below.

Son of The Pink Panther (1993)

As the years went, Dreyfus went on to becoming a comrade to Jacques Clouseau's son Jacques Clouseau Jr. when Jacques Jr. was trying to rescue a princess whom Dreyfus was tasked with finding. Dreyfus later on marries Jacques Jr.'s mother, but is surprised to learn that Clouseau actually gave her twins.

The Pink Panther (2006)

Dreyfus (again as Chief Inspector) uses Clouseau as a decoy while he himself attempts to solve the murder of Yves Gluant. Dreyfus merely views Clouseau as an idiot, and never attempts to have him killed; whereas Clouseau attacks his employer at one point, mistaking him for a criminal. Dreyfus later on frames Clouseau for being a terrorist in New York City after he officially solved the case. However later on in the movie, it is revealed that Clouseau actually did solve the case and captures the real killer who was Yuri the trainer. Dreyfus was forced to give Clouseau the medal of honor and and was accidentally sent to the hospital where he suffers another humiliating fate.

The Pink Panther 2 (2008)

Dreyfus is less hostile towards Clouseau in the movie and is portrayed by John Cleese instead of Kevin Klive.


How can a blind man be a lookout?
How can a policeman be an idiot?!
~ Clouseau & Dreyfus
If someone has died here, please let it be Clouseau.
...No crater? But I WANT A crater! I want wreckage, twisted metal, something the world will never forget!
What about the maid?
The maid?
Was he jealous of her too? He strangled her!
It is possible that his intended victim was a man and he made a mistake.
Nobody's perfect.
Idiot! Nincompoop! Lunatic!
~ Dreyfus & Clouseau
I wish I'd shot him.
~ Dreyfus after believing Clouseau was shot