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Charles Bromley is the main antagonist in the 2009 film Daybreakers. He is portrayed by Sam Neill, who also portrays Damien Thorn and Dr. William Weir.


Bromley is the ruthless namesake owner of the vampiric corporation known as Bromley Marks Pharmaceuticals, the largest provider of blood in the United States of America and the whole world. He was once diagnosed with sarcoma in 2008, before the plague, and given only few years to live, upsetting him and his daughter, whom he loved and wanted to live forever. Bromley willingly turned into a vampire (following a global epidemic caused by an infected vampire bat) to cure himself of the terminal cancer and wanted to live forever with his daughter, who became horrified by what he now was and left him.

He has no interest in being human again, since he wants to use the substitute to become the richest man alive and for all eternity. Not only that, but Bromley, like all other vampires, believes that immortality is a miracle and the vampires are a "blessed" proof of that.

After Alison ran away and dedicated her life to helping human survivors, Bromley devoted his own life to helping his own kind, the vampires, and founded Bromley Marks Pharmaceuticals. When one of his own people, a man named Edward Dalton who was turned into a vampire by his brother against his will, begins helping a group of humans to try and find a cure for the vampire epidemic, Bromley uses Edward's brother to try and force him to return to Bromley Marks Pharmaceuticals. Knowing that there are no longer enough humans to be harvested for pure blood, Bromley reveals his plan to sell large quantities of fake blood to the population, but still intends to sell pure blood to those who can afford it.

After Edward discovers a way to turn himself back into a human, Bromley tries to revert him to his vampire state by biting him. However, Edward's blood contains the cure and Bromley is immediately turned into a human himself. Now mortal, Bromley is tied up by Edward and left in an elevator for his soldiers to find, who are now on the verge of starvation and close to becoming "subsiders". Bromley stares in horror as the subsider horde charges at him and begins to tear him apart, ripping his head off in the process.


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