Charles Baker is a senator in the federal government of the United States of America, and is a major antagonist in The Power of Five book Nightrise. Charles Baker is a supporter of the Old Ones and knows of their ambitions and history, and is ready to rule with them once they return.


Charles Baker gets his wish when the Old Ones return out of the Nazca Desert, and they immediately contact him to say he can begin running for the President. Charles is up against another man, John Trelawney, who is more Liberal, and Charles is implied to be very Republican.

In supporting the Old Ones, Charles Baker probably advocates such atrocities as war crimes, warmongering, hatemongering, nuclear armament, death penalties, torture and murder of innocents, making Charles Baker a ruthless Satanist, dark magic practitioner (possibly) and sadistic man in his own right. Yet in public image he looks relaxed, even handsome, and cultured and polite.

He rarely appears in the books, yet his influence is throughout. Indeed, the whole story revolves around him and his battle with Trelawney, and Nightrise corporation suggests to have Trelawney assassinated because of his impending victory. Trelawney survives, because the woman orchestrating the assassination is killed, and Baker loses one of his biggest supporters. Yet, this does not affect his victory.

In fact, Charles Baker is revealed to have won the election and become President of the United States of America. Much to everyone's anger, because they either supported Trelawney or knew the polls had been tampered with to make Baker win. Baker illegally won the election.

He commented on how ridiculous the accusations against him were and how he would do his best as President. This is his only appearance; when Scarlett Adams, the fifth Gatekeeper, sees him on television in the airport.

But soon, Charles Baker gets word from his lord Chaos that the Apocalypse can begin, the signal Charles had been waiting for for a long time. It is unknown what happens to Charles Baker during the Apocalypse, and the earthquake which destroys California in the decade the Five are absent.

Baker may have died in the destructions, yet this is unlikely. Pedro is told that when Scott Tyler is banqueting in the castle in Naples, having joined the Old Ones, "some bigshot" from America is present, toasting Scott, and this may well be Charles Baker.

Also, if Baker lives, it is unknown what happens to him in the last battle. He may either be forced into fighting, as many businessmen were, or he may have been considered "too high up" like Jonas Mortlake, to be made to fight. Baker may have survived the end of the Old Ones, and if so, it is presumed Trelawney may have arrested him for war crimes. So, he may be imprisoned awaiting trial.