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Charles is the main villain of the horror story Jade Green, a book in which an orphaned teenage girl moves in with her Uncle Geoffrey after her mother dies in a madhouse. He has a red beard and has multiple chins.

He is a forty-year old man who frequently visits his father Geoffrey so that he can provide him food. He wishes to inherit the money in his father's will, and does not wish Judith to inherit any of it.

Shortly after she moves in, Uncle Geoffrey and Mrs. Hasting explain that three years prior to her moving in, that the title character had also moved into the house in similar circumstances to her own, and had killed herself by chopping off her hand and bleeding to death in the attic.

He is rapidly established to be rather perverted, as he wishes to kiss Judith, even though she happens to be in love with the miller's son Zeke, she is his cousin, and she is twenty-five years younger than he is and is therefore not even an adult. He is also revealed to be the town drunk.

Throughout the book, he continues to stalk Judith as she develops a relationship with Zeke, the miller's son. Eventually, she agrees to shake hands with him, only for him to try to sexually assault her.

Eventually, after he realizes that Uncle Geoffrey is going to share money in his will with Judith rather than give it all to Charles, he proceeds to set the kitchen on fire so that he can steal the money, even though there is enough in the will to support him for the rest of his life.

It is eventually revealed that he had murdered the title character and chopped off her hand when she tried to defend herself from him, and that she had not committed suicide as Uncle Geoffrey and Mrs. Hasting had thought. Trapping Judith in a room alone with him, he attempts to murder Judith, though not before raping her.

Fortunately, she is saved by Jade Green, who as it turned out was trying to protect her from Charles rather than simply haunting the household as she had thought.

She proceeds to strangle him to death, thus saving Judith and avenging her own demise.