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Charlene Penn

Charlene Penn was a minor villainess from Supernatural, appearing in Season Seven's "The Slice Girls."

She was played by Kendall Cross.

Charlene Penn was a villainous detective working a case involving the deaths of various men; a case that Sam and Dean were on. The men were murdered by a group of powerful Amazons, and it is later revealed that Charlene is a member when she calls the group's leader, Madeline, and informs them of the Winchesters' appearance. Charlene follows Sam to Professor Morrison's office and encounters him when he's trying to call Dean to warn him about Emma, Dean's "daughter" from his tryst with Lydia, another Amazon. Sam notices the Amazon symbol displayed on Charlene's right wrist, which reveals her connection with the group. At that moment, the evil Charlene shoved Sam across the hallway and was set to kill Sam with an ancient golden dagger. Before she could even get close, Charlene was killed by Sam with a single gunshot.


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