(Luis: Charlene, I thought you loved me!) Oh would you wake up and smell the Cafe Lechera, You pea-brained romantic! I NEVER loved you! I loved your money! I mean if we got married you inheritance would become mine! Then I was fixing to drop you like a hot tamale and share my riches with my little honey bunch here!
~ Charlene telling Luis Otero that she never loved him, as she only loved his money
HOWDY!! Let me grab y'all a cup of Cafe Lechera whilst you take a load off!
~ Charlene's first lines in the movie.
Well, What happens now hon?
~ Charlene's last line before getting sent to prison.
Charlene (aka El Chupacabra) is the main antagonist of Scooby-Doo! and the Monster of Mexico. She is voiced by Candi Milo. 


She has bushy blond hair and wears a pink blouse and an apron over her blue skirt. She also wears a yellow bangle on her right wrist and red earrings. After she was unmasked, she wore the fake museum guide's suit. 


She was assumed to be Luis Otero's fiancee, but it was all part of Smiley's scheme. When she was unmasked, she was very cruel to Luis, ridiculed him for being a hopeless romantic, and expressed her true feelings to Smiley. She ran a cafe in Veracruz, and also disguised herself as a Museum guide and as El Chupacabra to further Mr. Smiley's schemes.