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Chariot Master
The Chariot Master is a enemy turned ally in the video game; Kid Icarus: Uprising. He's the soul of a departed warrior that guards the Lightning Chariot until he find a worthy sucessor.


In order to enter Skyworld to save Palutena, Pit must acquired the Lightning Chariot. But in order to acquire the Lightning Chariot, Pit had to find the Chariot Master. Pit found out that the Chariot Master live in a tall tower. At first Pit thought that the Chariot Master would give him the Lightning Chariot with no problems, but the Chariot Master refused. After enduring a long climb, Pit finally reach the top of the Tower where the Chariot Master was waiting. the Chariot Master gives him seperate chariot pulled by one of unicorns that pull the Lightning Chariot. the Chariot Master then challenged Pit to a race and a fight. After the long race/fight, Pit managed to defeat the Chariot Master. The Chariot Master laid on the ground from his injuries. Pit tried to some way to help him, but didn't want any help, and that he wants to die. Before he dies, the Chariot Master gives Pit the Lightning Chariot, saying that he entrusts the safety of the realm to him and peacefully passes on.

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