Chariot (House of the Dead)


is the 1st level boss in "The House of the Dead" and one of the many villains in The House of the Dead videogame series. He wields a large reaver for melee combat. His body is covered by metal armor except at his left chest, so player can only shoot him at the left chest. When chariot's health run low, he will lose his armor and player can shoot him at any points until chariot dies.

The Chariot (Type 27) was the first unique mutation faced by Rogan and G during their investigation into Curien's experiments. Chariot was a large armoured creature wielding a halberd-like weapon. With this weapon, it hit Sophie (Rogan's fiancee), wounding her. When weakened sufficiently, Chariot's armour would fall off, revealing raw red flesh underneath. In a last ditch attempt to kill the Agents, Chariot attacked in this form, but was easily gunned down.

Chariot is unique amongst the bosses in this game because of the fact that it is indeed very weak without its armour. Most, if not all, of the other bosses are relatively resistant to bullets when they are fired at their bare skin. Chariot is barely stronger than a chainsaw wielding zombie when its armour has been destroyed, making it one of the weakest bosses in the entire series. A similar mutation, named Kuarl, is fought in House of the Dead 2 as part of the Judgment. However, unlike Chariot, Kuarl is completely encased in armor from headless neck to toe, and it does not shed its armor at all.