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Chaos Vortex
The Chaos Vortex is a location in the video game; Kid Icarus: Uprising. It's the lair of the Chaos Kin.


After Pit saved Palutena from the Chaos Kin, the Chaos Kin processed by take Palutena's soul. It then created a rift in between worlds, and attempted to escape. Pit processed to follow the Chaos Kin in the world known as the Chaos Vortex. As Pit was chasing the Chaos Kin to retrieve Palutena's soul, the Chaos Vortex attempted to break Pit's mind by having eyes appear out of nowhere, enemies blocking Pit's view, the area going dark, Pit losing his color, and fighting Shadow Pits and fake Chaos Kins.

Once Pit managed to deal enough damage to the Chaos Kin, both Pit and the Chaos Kin landed in a battle arena. But Chaos Kin began to create monsters form the Underworld Army, the Forces of Nature, and the Aurum. After about halfway, Dark Pit showed up to help Pit. After defeating a series of thirteen rounds of monsters created by the Chaos Kin, the two engaged the creature. After defeatimg the Chaos Kin, they managed to return Palutena's Soul to Palutena.

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